Advantage Line™ Moon Swing


The Advantage Line Moon Swing is useful for users who need to improve their core strength and bilateral coordination. The size and shape of this swing allow the user a secure independent mount and dismount due to its round solid cushion seat and long goose-neck like handle.

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When using The Advantage Line Moon Swing, the user can independently swing in a 360° direction, propelling their body back and forth or side to side. This piece of equipment allows a wide range of motions, including flexion, extension, and postural adjustments.

This swing helps the user to build core muscle strength by holding on with both arms and legs wrapped around the goose-neck handle. For an additional challenge, the firm insert provided in the swing enables users to stand or kneel in multiple numbers of ways for added complex activities.

The Advantage Line Moon Swing incorporates the use of the entire body, assisting the user with overall strength building and mobility confidence. The user is also able to add bouncing to their range of activities due to the flexibility of the fabric handle. 

In use size: 45cm dia x 120cm L
Working load: 90kg

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm


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