Advantage Line™ Platform Swing


The Advantage Line™ Platform Swing is a carpeted flat platform that allows the user to create a range of tilting movements encouraging the strengthening of the core, correcting postural adjustments and body awareness. Users can sit, kneel, lay down, and stand on the sensory platform swing either independently or with help. It is a large platform swing that is great for kids and adults. This hanging rectangle platform swing is ideal for indoor use or outdoor under cover.

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The Advantage Line™ Platform Swing can be used to either calm the user or to alert them depending on the individual needs, allowing them to focus after performing on the swing activity. The user can use this equipment in a range of different positions, from sitting to a high-kneel, helping to improve core strength by encouraging them to maintain balance while in a smooth swing motion.

Thanks to the design of The Advantage Line™ Platform Swing, the base provides ample space of support, offering weaker users more security and less exertion. In addition, the four rope attachments provide a lot of opportunity for grabbing. The support of the platform base provides the user with the option of participating in another activity, such as a puzzle while on the platform.

The small amounts of slow and smooth movements help improve balance without extended effort. In the same aspect, if more strength-building exercises are desired, the platform can be moved to a larger degree, such as if the user were to push off a therapist. It’s a great option for platform swing therapy with an occupational therapist.

In use size: 78cm L x 78cm W x 150cm H
Working load: 135kg

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 15 cm


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