Flexion Disc


The Flexion Disc provides both rotational and orbital vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for users with a variety of motions from gentle rocking to active orbiting. The carpeted disk platform offers a soft grip for users, and the centre post has plenty of padding and an ideal size for full arm extension around the post.

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The Flexion Disc is designed with a soft carpeted disc that the user sits on, and this also offers a gentle grip as the user moves with the disc. The centre post is made from soft, durable foam wrapped in a PVC cover, easily cleaned with a cloth. The centre post has a single attachment piece and requires at least 8’ of height to be hung. This piece of equipment is used for swinging, encouraging balance control, and strengthening core muscles as well as upper extremity muscles.

The centre post is used as a hugging tool, allowing the user to have the option to place their entire chest and face on the padded post and absorb the motion of movement. The padded edges of the carpet disk protect the user when mounting and dismounting. The carpet is soft and pleasant to touch, eliminating the possibility of carpet burn. The Flexion Disc comes with one detachable control strap and one Safety Snap.

In use size: 90cm H
Working load: 135kg

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 99 × 86 × 28 cm


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