Flying Purple People Eater


The Flying Purple People Eater is a versatile enclosed swing designed to block out stimulation during swing therapy. The swing can be filled with therapy balls or foam pieces for added sensory play. This swing is suited to users who need a more calming environment when engaging in movement therapy. It has a zip-up door for easy access and a soft mesh fabric to eliminate outside sensory exposure.

Fill it with therapy balls (or any other tactile material) to increase the input and excitement.

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The Flying Purple People Eater combines physical activity with imagination. A three-sided swinging cubby the soft purple mesh fabric offers a gentle block-out of outside stimulation. It’s an ideal swing for users who enjoy small spaces and need lower stimulation while engaging in vestibular stimulation.

The swing can move in a linear motion and rotational patterns. Users can use this swing in a sitting or standing position depending on their skill level. The rotational movement of the swing challenges balance and posture while giving a sense of security with the blackout cubby walls.

Users can focus more on the movement of the swing, thanks to the breathable purple fabric surrounding them. This Flying Purple People Eater swing comes with a removable stabilising bottom board beneficial if the user needs a solid floor. Or the board is removable if a soft, flexible floor is preferred. Each board is attachable to the bottom of the swing with hook and loop fasteners.

In use size: 130cm
Working load: 90kg

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 82 × 80 × 12 cm


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