Mini Glider Bolster


For younger or posturally insecure clients, the swing offers stability. It can be hung from two or four points and moved in smooth arcs, or gently rocked, depending on the need. If you want to encourage social inter­action, the Glider Bolster can easily accom­modate several clients during an activity.
Use the heavily padded, vinyl-covered base on either side by simply flipping the bolster over.

One side is high-density foam padding; the other side is padded with low-density foam. This special feature is designed to increase your clients’ comfort.

Our tactile covers take away the leather feeling from our swings, giving clients a different tactile input and comfort. They are easy to assemble and are washable. The new vinyl bolster cover wraps around the bolster swing and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing.

The tactile and the vinyl covers are each sold individually.

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The vestibular movement that the user can achieve with the Sky Sailor gives enough soft stimuli that they can engage in other activities such as ball throwing or picking up items off the ground. The two side flaps run the entire length of the body, encasing the user from shoulders while allowing for the free use of the arms for bilateral coordination and motor planning activities.

The padded matt within the swing is effortlessly clean and consists of a soft and semi-flexible foam that can bend slightly with the weight of the user. The Sky Sailor assists with primitive reflexes and tonic extension. This glider bolster swing uses the user’s body weight to create a weighted pressure to calm them, especially helpful for those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

This piece of equipment can be used in both the prone and supine positions. It can assist with calming overstimulated clients and help them focus on other tasks. Great for use in occupational therapy.

In use size: 100cm L x 30cm W
Side ropes: 115cm L
Working load: 180kg
Suspension points: 1m to 1.6m apart

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 130 × 40 × 27 cm
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