Scooter Board


Our Scooter Board is a flat wooden platform with four rotational wheels and a pull rope at the front. It encourages the user to engage their upper body and core muscles. Incorporating the Scooter Board into therapy will help the user with postural stability, muscle strength, bilateral coordination, and motor planning skills.

Our Scooter Board incorporates proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation and helps balance the senses by engaging bilateral coordination. The board can be used on flat surfaces and with low angle ramps. The four 360 degree wheels create a smooth linear, rotational movement that gives a lot of flexibility with how the board is used.

Practically all positions on a Scooter Board will support upper extremity strengthening and endurance. The prone position will encourage the user to use their arms to navigate and move the board instead of their legs. At the same time, the seated position engages the core muscles, which are required to maintain an upright posture. The Scooter Board is perfect for users who need to improve their bilateral coordination as they will often use both hands or both feet to do the same action of pushing or pulling.


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