Theraputty for kids and adults is a brightly-coloured textured putty that encourages users to develop hand strength, grip, and finger dexterity. It is a great hand strengthening putty. This sensory resource can help with developing fine motor muscles in their hands and fingers. It is made from a silicone polymer and is gluten, latex, nuts, egg, and soy-free.


Theraputty is a great way to get users engaged in fine motor skill development. The bright colours of the putty engage users, especially those with cognitive and neurodevelopmental impairments.

Our resistive exercise putty can be used as a calming tool or for settings where distraction is needed and to keep those little fidget fingers busy. It’s an excellent tool for sensory tactile input and can help calm users down, allowing them to self-regulate. Often, using the Theraputty before drawing or writing tasks can help the user’s hands prepare for the activity.

The activities where Theraputty is used can increase the proprioceptive sensory messages the user receives from their hands. Theraputty for kids and adults is made from a silicone polymer and is gluten, latex, nuts, egg, and soy-free. Pleasant to the touch, this silicone putty will not dry out. It is non-toxic, unscented, non-oily, and latex-free. With TheraPutty users can progressively exercise through the stages of resistance levels.

Theraputty containers are 1lb in weight (450grams) with the putty being colour coded for resistance identification

  • Tan – XX Soft
  • Yellow – X Soft
  • Red – Soft
  • Green – Medium
  • Blue – Firm
  • Black – X Firm
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 cm

10-0191 – Red – Soft, 10-0918 – Yellow – X Soft, 10-0920 – Green – Medium, 10-0921 – Blue – Firm, 10-0994 – Tan – XX Soft, 10-1470 – Black – X Firm


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