Wedge Cushion


The Wedge Cushion combines dynamic seating and static positioning to promote correct posture and improve core stability. It’s ideal for users who have difficulty in sitting still or maintaining attention.

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The Wedge Cushion encourages correct anatomical seating from the user by requiring active participation to maintain the desired sitting position. It helps users that have a hard time sitting still, have poor balance or weak core strength.

Great as a:
Wedge seat cushion
Posture wedge cushion
Pelvic tilt wedge cushion

The anterior tilt prevents the user from slouching and aligns the spine more accurately. The shape of the cushion is carefully designed to be the right type of wedge angle to place the user’s pelvis in an anterior tilt direction.

The Wedge Cushion can be used in an array of environments from clinics, to therapy and home. It’s easily transported and cleaned as well as having the flexibility to be used in almost every chair or floor space. The small unnoticeable movements achieved by utilizing the Wedge Cushion gives vestibular and proprioceptive input.

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